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*Past Updates*

Here are all the updates for the site.

What's New?

7/27/01 - I just started my page today.How does it look?tell me in my guestbook.Thanks!
7/31/01-i'm going away on vacation for two weeks if i can get access to a computer maby i will update until aug.14th you have to bare with me and when i come back i will make a major update.thanks for understanding!{if i have time i will update early in the morning like at 2a.m.}
8/15/01 - I'm back from my trip!i will update later tonight when i figure which dollz to add!I can't believe how much people came to my site thanks!
8/16/01 - Now i really can't believe i'm up to 300+ visiters to my site this is great.i'm in the processes of trin to learn how to make dollz (anyone dot any tips on how to tell me in my guestbook?thanks!.I also updated my doll collection if you notice.
8/17/01-today i updated the afro chicks,hot couples and cute groups.have fun!
9/5/01-I Couldn't update until now for personal reasons I added new dolls in all catagories(except Groups)i hope you like them!I also updated the status of my links.Pleeeeeaaaaasssssseeeeee Sign My Guestbook It's So empty! 9/12/01-I can't believe the world trade center is now gone forever.As i asked before can you people pleeeeeaaassssseeee sign my guestbook it's what keeps me keep the site in the best condition i know how to keep it from all the complements,great comments,and encouragement (by the way thanks for all the encouragement it's greatly appriciated!)

A cat; Actual size=240 pixels wide

Is this what America is coming to?


Isn't this cute!


I always resent this time of year probably because it's the beginning of ten months of brain torture oh well atleast i get to see my friends!


I could sure use one of these right now,couldn't you?


This doll reminds me of Aaliyah R-I-P (1979-2001)